Christmas Calorie Counter: Supermarket Sandwiches

Halloween and bonfire night have been and gone and now the festive season is really taking off. Decorations, jingles, and presents are soon to be filling the high streets with shoppers making their preparations.

Christmas sandwiches from some of your favourite shops have already begun filling the shelves and we’ve recorded them all so you know what you’re getting, where to get it, and what that indulging is going to cost.


SandwichStoreCaloriesSalt (g)Fats (g)Saturated Fats (g)Sugar (g)
Ham & Cheese FondueSainsburys3362.317.63.64.8
Veggie Bubble & Squeak FritterCo-op3421.
Turkey & TrimmingsCo-op3561.32
Veg Christmas Dinner WrapTesco4111.
Turkey Bacon & StuffingBoots4121.6011.03.18.5
Boxing Day LunchCo-op4161.6813.01.514.0
Brie & CranberryCo-op4201.4216.08.56.8
Turkey Feast WrapCo-op4321.4614.04.47.3
Turkey Feast SandwichCo-op4331.7114.04.08.8
Ham Hock Cheddar & Spiced ChutneyCo-op4352.2215.06.19.1
Parsnip Fritter & Butternut SquashBoots4401.3715.01.310
Christmas Edition Turkey SandwichWaitrose4592.1012.83.313.0
Pulled Pork & StuffingAsda4821.4017.04.58.7
Christmas Turkey, Bacon & CranberryM & S5022.2316.05.210.3
Turkey and Trimmings WrapTesco5091.6019.94.78.0
Christmas Turkey with Pigs Under Blankets Sandwich on Malted BreadSainsburys5222.2320.35.99.4
Turkey and TrimmingsTesco5302.
Turkey and TrimmingsAsda5302.4017.05.117.0
Turkey Feast with Cumberland StuffingSainsburys5402.2118.35.011.8
Pigs Under BlanketsTesco5551.8021.65.78.8
Triple Turkey WrapAsda7772.6031.010.013.0
Three Bird RoastM&S5932.3817.93.39.8
Festive Feast TrioTesco4261.515.03.39.0
Brie & CranberrySainsburys5261.5925.312.38.8
Taste of Christmas Sandwich SelectionM&S4772.2021.46.96.1
Ham Hock & Farmhouse CheddarM&S5932.7929.38.25.8
No Turkey FeastM&S3401.677.81.15.1
Chicken with Pork, Sage & Onion StuffingSainsburys4231.5418.02.63.9
Prawn & Smoked Salmon CocktailM&S4842.9025.33.93.3
Aberdeen Angus Beef & Red Onion ChutneyM&S3951.5811.34.814.8
Turkey & Pigs in BlanketM&S5022.1520.97.010.6

The table is currently being updated