Christmas Calorie Counter Coffees

Christmas Calorie Counter: Coffees

Following on from last week’s supermarket sandwich calorie counter, we’ve also compiled a list of what your favourite high street coffee shops have on offer. Is it really Christmas if you don’t at least try a festive variety from your local Starbucks? Head’s up – Stay away from Cafe Nero’s winter spiced hot chocolate if you’re […]

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Matters This Christmas

Who Matters This Christmas?

It’s that time of year again – the decorations are going up, preparations for your staff party have started, and arrangements to see family and friends over the holidays are never-ending. Christmas, for the most part, is a joyous occasion. But there are so many decisions! Who are you going to be spending the big […]

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Vasectomy and Ejaculation

Sex is an instinct and is a basic pillar of happy couple life. Sex is not only associated with a physical, mental, or emotional need of the body, a sexual relationship is also a base of a new life in your home. It is obvious that at after a certain stage of life that you […]

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Using Finasteride when trying to conceive

Finasteride has been in use since the nineties when it was first approved as a treatment for enlarged prostates. It was later developed as a treatment for androgenetic alopecia (male pattern hair loss) and remains a widely used treatment option for both conditions today. We have now had over two decades of experience of the […]

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Why Does Finasteride Cause Shedding?

It is an awkward thing that a hair loss treatment can actually cause hair to fall out rather than the reverse. Finasteride is a well- known drug that is used for pattern hair loss or baldness, however, it is commonly associated with shedding. A condition of losing hair in an amount greater than normal. But, […]

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When Finasteride Doesn’t Work

You might be wondering why there are so many people out there with significant hair loss and doing nothing for that, taking into consideration there are solutions available which can slow down or stop baldness completely. Well, the main reason is the lack of education about which hair loss treatments actually work. There’s a lot […]

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Online Vs Offline Pharmacies?

With everything being available online it was only a matter of time before drugs were added to the list of the electronic commerce products and people started ordering their medicines online. The concept of online pharmacies and online sale of medicines has been in vogue worldwide for more than two decades now and the United […]

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Orlistat Side Effects

Background Excessive weight has been proven to contribute to an increased risk of developing serious chronic conditions, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease and diabetes. The consumption of excess fatty food and calories plays a significant role in the development of excess weight. While fat is an important component of a balanced diet, […]

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Christmas Calorie Counter Sandwiches

Christmas Calorie Counter: Supermarket Sandwiches

Halloween and bonfire night have been and gone and now the festive season is really taking off. Decorations, jingles, and presents are soon to be filling the high streets with shoppers making their preparations. Christmas sandwiches from some of your favourite shops have already begun filling the shelves and we’ve recorded them all so you […]

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