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Seb Burchell

PR & Outreach Manager

Seb Burchell is the PR & SEO Outreach Manager for the Assured Pharmacy group. After graduating from The University of Manchester with a degree in Geography, he began his marketing career at an SEO agency based in Manchester city centre. During his time there, he learnt advanced Digital PR techniques, with a specific focus on the content marketing side of SEO Outreach.

In the past year, Seb's campaigns have been nominated for multiple industry awards, while some of his most recent work has been covered by Cosmopolitan, The Daily Mail, Harper's Bazaar, and Bustle. In September 2018, Seb joined the Assured Pharmacy group to elevate their search ranking by creating linkable and shareable content.

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More about Seb:

I grew up in Cornwall so naturally i love getting outdoors whether it's running, hiking, or cycling.

I'm also a keen musician, and enjoy traveling to countries i haven't been to before.