The Science of Propecia & Finasteride

Many of us like to know we are getting our money’s worth in the things we buy and why shouldn’t we? Indeed, we would expect that a new fridge would work in keeping our food chilled, or assume that a kettle would boil our water and so it can be further extrapolated that people want […]

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Just How Devastating Is Hair Loss in Men? 

  Ever stared down at the plughole in the shower and wondered how much hair gets collected there? The thought of losing hair can be a dreadful thought for some and it is a well-founded concern. In some societies, hair loss is generally accepted as a sign of ageing which eventually becomes the subject matter […]

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Propecia & Finasteride – Help With Hair Loss

Hair loss can be a distressing process which can happen to many people throughout their lives. For men it can mean they feel a loss in attractiveness and masculinity. A common form of hair loss in men is androgen alopecia, which is more commonly referred to as male pattern baldness. The extent of male pattern […]

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